The Toolset

Shape Tools

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint has 90 shape tools!

The shape tools include:

  • Select Same fill, shape, font color, font name, font size, line color, line dashes, line weight
  • Make Same size, spacing, format, font name, rotation, adjustments, rounded corners, line arrows, block arrows, text margins, table column widths, table format, animation, and motion path end
  • Adjoin shapes end-to-end
  • Stretch shapes
  • Align and Distribute shapes
  • Replicate shape
  • Rearrange z-order and animation sequence
  • Add Connection Sites
  • Add to Group/Delete from Group/Paste into Group
  • Hide/Show
  • Make Body/Title
  • Make Line Horizontal/Vertical
  • Paste Thumbnail
  • Rotate to Incremental Angles
  • Scale to 100%/height/width
  • Split/Join Text
  • Swap Arrows/Shapes
  • Transpose Tables
  • Copy to Motion Path End
  • Reset Motion Path Start

Reference Shapes

Many of the shape tools within ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint use a Reference Shape as the basis for their function: when aligning left, for example, the selected shapes are aligned to the left side of the Reference Shape.

The Reference Shape can be one of the following:

  • the first shape selected
  • a previously picked up shape, from the same presentation or any other open presentation
  • a predetermined presentation area called Presentation Space that is typically used to indicate the region of the slide to be used for its content
  • the slide

You specify which shape to use as the Reference Shape by clicking one of the four large buttons in the Reference Shape group in the ToolsToo ribbon. You can see the various Reference Shapes in action in the video.

Slide Tools

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint has more than 25 slide tools!

The slide tools include:

  • Copy Agenda Slide - copies agenda slides and shows progress within the presentation. This tool alone will save you hours!
  • Insert Picture from Clipboard - pastes clipboard as new slide and scales to fit
  • Reformat Slides - reformats selected slides using colors from first selected slide and theme of the preceding slide
  • Set Language - sets the language for the entire presentation
  • Set Title - sets the title for the selected slides
  • Split Animation - splits on-click animation sequences to multiple slides
  • Split Text - splits text to two slides
  • Slide Statistics - shows various slide statistics and estimated duration
  • Word Count - shows word, character, and paragraph counts
  • Extract Notes - extracts notes to a Microsoft Word document
  • Extract Selected Slides - extracts and optionally e-mails slides while preserving all formatting
  • Save Guides - saves presentation-level, layout-level, and master-level guides to a file
  • Restore Guides - restores presentation-level, layout-level, and master-level guides from a file
  • Consolidate Layouts - consolidates all layouts with the same name
  • Remove Animation/Design Elements/Embedded Chart Data/Empty Sections/Guides/Hidden Slides/Notes/Unused Slide Masters/Unused Slide Layouts

Chain Tools

For the ultimate productivity, you can string together any combination of the above tools into custom tool chains and activate a tool chain with a single click, even across any number of slides. For even more flexibility, all of the above tools can be called from VBA.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® for Microsoft 365 (32/64 bit) or
    Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (32/64 bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows 10/11
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework V4.8
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Some features also require:

  • Microsoft® Outlook for Microsoft 365 (32/64 bit) or
    Microsoft® Office Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (32/64 bit)
  • Microsoft® Word for Microsoft 365 (32/64 bit) or
    Microsoft® Office Word 2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (32/64 bit)