ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V10.0.3

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the behavior of Use Picked Up Spacing to support overlapping shapes in Non-overlapping Spacing Mode
  • Corrected the handling of Use Picked Up Spacing and vertical spacing
  • Corrected exceptions in Replicate tool

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V10.0.2

Changes in Behavior
  • When a chain contains multiple Select Same tools, they are now handled as a series, such that subsequent Select Same tools are skipped if any result in an empty selection. To start a new series of Select Same tools in the same chain, include the Unselect tool before the new series.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the names of several tools in the Add Chain and Edit Chain dialogs to more closely match their name in the ToolsToo ribbon tab. When editing existing chains created in a prior version, the corrected tool names will appear.

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V10.0.1

Changes in Behavior:
  • Run Chain on Selected Slides tool now completes with nothing selected
  • Run Chain on Selected Slides tool now runs only on the selected slides. The previous behavior where it would run on all slides if only one slide was selected has been removed.
Bug Fixes:
  • Select Same tools now work correctly on slides with hidden shapes

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V10.0.0

New Tools:
  • Remove Design Elements tool to remove all non-placeholder elements from all master layouts and slide layouts in preparation for applying a new design
  • Make Same Font Name
New Features:
  • Ability to call ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint tools from VBA. See User Guide for details.
  • Tool Chains – string your favorite ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint tools together to execute with a single click on current slide, selected slides, or all slides
  • Chain Tools for use with Tool Chains
    • Delete First Selected Shape
    • Paste Last – adds clipboard contents as last item in current shape selection
    • Unselect
Changes in Behavior:
  • Spacing option in the Adjoin group has been replaced with Use Picked Up Spacing options under Make Same Horizontal Spacing and Make Same Vertical Spacing
  • Pick Up Horizontal Spacing and Pick Up Vertical Spacing can be used with all spacing modes
  • Use Picked Up Spacing can be used with all spacing modes
  • Pick Up tool can pick up two shapes
    • If one shape is picked up, it is used as the Reference Shape
    • If two shapes are picked up, the first shape is used for the Select Same tools while the second shape is used for all other tools that use the Reference Shape
  • If a group is selected (but not any shapes within the group) when using the Select Same tools with Reference Shape modes other than First Shape, all the shapes within the group will be searched for a match against the Reference Shape
Infrastructure Changes:
  • Extensive changes to the ToolsToo_Ribbon.xml file to support Tool Chains and the ability to call ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint tools from VBA
    Note: The new ribbon XML is not backward compatible with the ribbon XML file from V9.0. If you are using a custom ribbon file, you will need to update most of the OnAction callbacks.
  • Switched to .msi installer to reduce false positive anti-virus findings
  • New installation folder structure
Bug Fixes:
  • Updated add-in description in PowerPoint add-ins screen
  • Improved error messages for Make Same Spacing tools in Intermediate UI Mode
  • Corrected infinite loop when using the Bring Forward and Send Backward tools on grouped shapes where some of the shapes are in different subgroups within the group. Since this situation cannot be detected in advance, some changes may have already been completed when the loop is detected. A message is displayed advising the user to undo.
  • Corrected exception when Select Same Line tools were used on tables. The Select Same Line tools now ignore tables.

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V9.0.1

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected error message when using Make Same Table Format tool and clipboard history is turned on
  • Updated add-in name in PowerPoint add-ins screen

ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V9.0.0

New Tools:
  • Make Same Text Margins
  • Make Same Block Arrow
  • Make Same Line Arrow
  • Paste into Group
  • Transpose Tables
  • Rotate to Incremental Angle tools
New Features:
  • Hide Format Tab – hides the contextual Shape Format tab that normally becomes active whenever a shape is selected. This has the effect of keeping the ToolsToo tab in focus until another tab is manually selected.
  • Extract Slides tools
    • Support for saving to any file format offered by PowerPoint
    • Option to run the Remove Unused Slide Masters and Layouts tool
  • Add Connection Sites now also adds a connection site in the center of each selected shape
  • Ability to use a custom ribbon
  • Ability to use custom icons
  • Renamed tools:
    • “Lock Aspect Ratio” → “Preserve Aspect Ratio”
    • “Text Split/Join” shape tool → “Split/Join Text”
    • “Split Text” slide tool → “Split Text to Two Slides”
  • New icons for the following tools:
    • Preserve Aspect Ratio
    • Make Line Horizontal
    • Make Line Vertical
    • Swap Arrows
Changes in Behavior:
  • Make Same Adjustments tool scope has been expanded to copy adjustment values from the Reference Shape to any selected shape
  • Revised identification of lines to include additional shape types such as arcs, freeform scribbles, and curves
  • Lock Aspect Ratio settings are preserved
  • Add to Group tool now preserves the group hierarchy and name
  • Make Same Rotation now normalizes all computed rotation angles to 0 <= rotation angle < 360
  • Add Connection Sites now also adds a connection site in the center of each selected shape
  • Make Same Table Column Width and Make Same Table Format now work when the current selection is a table cell and the Reference Shape mode is not First Shape
  • Set Title now produces one message for all slides that could not have their title set rather than a message per slide
Infrastructure Changes:
  • New name: ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint
  • Reduced DLL size by more than 78% compared to ToolsToo V8.2.2 to improve load times and reduce memory footprint
  • Added global exception handler (turned off by default) for easier trapping of runtime exceptions
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected z-order preservation in Add to Group tool
  • Corrected exception in Make Same Rotation tool when attempting to rotate non-rotatable object types (e.g., tables)
  • Corrected exception in the Make Same Motion Path End, Animation Splitter, and Copy to Motion Path End tools when running in locales which use a decimal symbol other than a period
  • Corrected exception in Make Same Column Width and Make Same Table Format tools when nothing was selected
  • Make Same Table Format does not proceed if Clipboard history is enabled in Windows
  • Implemented retry mechanisms to address copy and paste issues in Make Same Table Format

ToolsToo V8.2.2

Bug Fixes
  • Added error handling to Extract Notes tool to catch exceptions when the notes contain content that cannot be pasted in Microsoft Word

ToolsToo V8.2.1

New Features
  • Reference Shape shortcut keys – instead of first setting the Reference Shape mode then clicking on a tool, simply click on the tool along with the appropriate shortcut key to select the Reference Shape mode to use with that tool
First ShapeCTRL + click
Picked Up ShapeCTRL + SHIFT + click
Presentation SpaceCTRL + ALT + click
SlideSHIFT + click
Use Reference Shape mode as selected in Ribbonclick
  • Delete from Group – preserves group animation when deleting shapes from a group
Changes in Behavior
  • Add to Group ends with the expanded group selected

ToolsToo V8.1.0

New Features
  • Swap Arrows – swap begin and end arrows for each selected line
Bug Fixes
  • Removed extraneous vertical separator from Align group in Beginner UI mode
  • Add to Group tool: corrected z-order of shapes being added to the group relative to the z-order of the group itself

ToolsToo V8.0.0

New Features
  • New ribbon layout with refreshed custom ribbon icons
  • Hide/Show shape tools
    • Hide All But Selected
    • Hide Selected
    • Show All
  • Word Count tool to count words, characters, and paragraphs in selected objects or text
  • Set Title tool to set the title for one or more slides
  • Edge to Edge option in the Replicate tool to specify whether to leave space between the Reference Shape edges and the replicated shapes
  • Select Same tools
    • Select Same Fill
    • Select Same Font Color
    • Select Same Font Name
    • Select Same Font Size
    • Select Same Line Color
    • Select Same Line Dashes
    • Select Same Line Weight
    • Select Same Shape
  • Make Same Table Format
  • Guide Tools – not available in PowerPoint 2010
    • Save/Restore Guides
    • Remove Guides
    • Remove All Guides
Changes in Behavior
  • The Copy Agenda Slide tool now uses the color of the first non-dimmed agenda text paragraph as the color for the highlighted topics. If no non-dimmed agenda text is found, it will use the default foreground color.
  • Due to the new ribbon layout, the shortcut keys for many of the tools were changed.
Infrastructure changes
  • .NET Framework V4.8
Bug Fixes
  • The Extract Selected Slides tools are now restricted to PowerPoint Presentation file types
  • Corrected exceptions in the Reformat Slides tool when reformatting more than 1 slide
  • The Make Same Table Column Width now handles placeholder shapes that contain tables