ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V11.0.1

New Tools
  • Autofit Text to Shape – sets the largest font size for each selected shape such that its text fits in one line at the shape’s current width
  • Select Same Width – selects shapes with the same width as that of the Reference Shape
  • Select Same Height – selects shapes with the same height as that of the Reference Shape
  • Select Same Size – selects shapes with the same size as that of the Reference Shape
  • Generate Agenda Slides – generates agenda slides from section names and highlights successive topics
  • Increase/decrease horizontal/vertical spacing
New Features
  • Pick Up Shape from right-click context menus
  • Added support for locked shapes
    • Most impacted tools ignore locked shapes
    • Operations where the positions of shapes are determined from the position of the prior shape are blocked if one or more of the shapes are locked
  • Most settings moved to new Settings panel, greatly reducing the need to repeatedly traverse cascading menus
  • Ribbon tooltips show the values of the applicable settings
  • Option to install without Administrator privileges
  • Check for updates
  • Anchor points for Swap Shapes
  • Make Same Horizontal/Vertical Spacing:
    • Advanced Spacing pane
    • Ability to set spacing amount manually
    • Ability to specify spacing direction (left to right or right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top)
    • Option to apply spacing in pairs, moving every other shape
Changes in Behavior
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is no longer supported
  • Increased width of chain name dropdown in ribbon
  • More detailed error message when the Reference Shape mode is set to Presentation Space and the Presentation Space is not defined
  • Added support for videos in Make Same Crop, Make Same Scale, and Scale to … tools
  • Scale to Height tool now sets the width of selected shapes that are not pictures/videos to their height. This is useful for making shapes perfectly square or circular.
  • Scale to Width tool now sets the height of selected shapes that are not pictures/videos to their width. This is useful for making shapes perfectly square or circular.
  • Set Language tool now displays a dialog to display options:
    • Select Language
      • If Microsoft Word is found, a drop-down list will be displayed to select the desired language
      • If Microsoft Word is not found, the language will be set to the default editing language for the presentation
    • Scope: either the entire presentation (including all slide masters and layouts) or selected slides
  • Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically tools now stagger the shapes horizontally/vertically if they do not fit within Reference Shape
  • SetLanguage method now requires the language ID and scope
  • SetUsePickedUpSpacing method has been renamed to SetApplySpacing
Bug Fixes
  • Expert level Extract Selected Slides option to Remove Unused Slide Masters and Layouts is now turned off when switching from Expert mode to Beginner or Intermediate UI mode
  • Exception when using Make Same Shadow tool to apply certain built-in styles, such as the beveled oval picture style
  • “User Guide not found” error when using 32-bit PowerPoint in 64-bit Windows
  • Resetting of the ribbon when changing the UI Mode through a Chain or from macros
  • No longer creates extraneous HKCU\ToolsToo entry in registry when exiting PowerPoint

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