ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint V9.0.0

New Tools:
  • Make Same Text Margins
  • Make Same Block Arrow
  • Make Same Line Arrow
  • Paste into Group
  • Transpose Tables
  • Rotate to Incremental Angle tools
New Features:
  • Hide Format Tab – hides the contextual Shape Format tab that normally becomes active whenever a shape is selected. This has the effect of keeping the ToolsToo tab in focus until another tab is manually selected.
  • Extract Slides tools
    • Support for saving to any file format offered by PowerPoint
    • Option to run the Remove Unused Slide Masters and Layouts tool
  • Add Connection Sites now also adds a connection site in the center of each selected shape
  • Ability to use a custom ribbon
  • Ability to use custom icons
  • Renamed tools:
    • “Lock Aspect Ratio” → “Preserve Aspect Ratio”
    • “Text Split/Join” shape tool → “Split/Join Text”
    • “Split Text” slide tool → “Split Text to Two Slides”
  • New icons for the following tools:
    • Preserve Aspect Ratio
    • Make Line Horizontal
    • Make Line Vertical
    • Swap Arrows
Changes in Behavior:
  • Make Same Adjustments tool scope has been expanded to copy adjustment values from the Reference Shape to any selected shape
  • Revised identification of lines to include additional shape types such as arcs, freeform scribbles, and curves
  • Lock Aspect Ratio settings are preserved
  • Add to Group tool now preserves the group hierarchy and name
  • Make Same Rotation now normalizes all computed rotation angles to 0 <= rotation angle < 360
  • Add Connection Sites now also adds a connection site in the center of each selected shape
  • Make Same Table Column Width and Make Same Table Format now work when the current selection is a table cell and the Reference Shape mode is not First Shape
  • Set Title now produces one message for all slides that could not have their title set rather than a message per slide
Infrastructure Changes:
  • New name: ToolsToo Pro for PowerPoint
  • Reduced DLL size by more than 78% compared to ToolsToo V8.2.2 to improve load times and reduce memory footprint
  • Added global exception handler (turned off by default) for easier trapping of runtime exceptions
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected z-order preservation in Add to Group tool
  • Corrected exception in Make Same Rotation tool when attempting to rotate non-rotatable object types (e.g., tables)
  • Corrected exception in the Make Same Motion Path End, Animation Splitter, and Copy to Motion Path End tools when running in locales which use a decimal symbol other than a period
  • Corrected exception in Make Same Column Width and Make Same Table Format tools when nothing was selected
  • Make Same Table Format does not proceed if Clipboard history is enabled in Windows
  • Implemented retry mechanisms to address copy and paste issues in Make Same Table Format

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