ToolsToo V6.2.0

New Features
  • Remove Unused Slide Masters and Layouts – remove all unused slide masters and unused slide layouts in current presentation
  • Remove Unused Slide Masters and Image Layouts – remove all unused slide masters and unused slide layouts with embedded images in current presentation
  • Make Same Table Column Widths – make the column widths of selected tables the same as those of the table selected as the reference shape
  • Set Language – set language for entire presentation from the default editing language
  • The following tools now support manipulation of shapes within groups:
    • Adjoin
    • Stretch
    • Align
    • Make Same
    • Order
    • Pick Up
    • Make Title
    • Make Line Horizontal/Vertical
    • Swap Shapes
    • Scale to 100%/Height/Width
  • Add to Group – groups the selected shapes while preserving the first selected shape’s animation and front-to-back sequencing
Bug Fixes
  • Tab order on all dialogs
  • Color selection for dimmed agenda text
  • Animation sequencing produced by the Animation Resequence tool

ToolsToo V6.1.0

New Features
  • Additional reference shape option: Slide
  • Replicate tool – replicates selected shape in a grid pattern within the reference shape
  • Make Same Adjustments tool – makes the adjustments of the selected shapes of the same type as the reference shape the same as those of the reference shape
  • Make Same Rounded Corner tool – makes the rounded corners of the selected shapes the same radius as those of the reference shape
  • Remove All Empty Sections tool – removes all empty sections in current presentation
  • Slide Statistics:
    • Audio clips and total duration
    • Video clips and total duration
    • Empty sections
Changes in Behavior
  • Extract Slides tool now deletes all empty sections

ToolsToo V6.0.0

New Features
  • Additional reference shape option: Picked Up Shape
  • Pick Up tool to set the Picked Up reference shape
  • Make Body tool to set next available object placeholder to the selected text or picture shape
  • Paste Thumbnail from Clipboard tool (not available in PowerPoint 2010)
  • Swap Shapes tool to rotate the positions of selected shapes
  • Scaling tools to ensure selected images are not distorted:
    • Scale to 100% – scales both the height and width to 100%
    • Scale to Height – scales the width the same as the height
    • Scale to Width – scales the height the same as the width
  • Agenda Copier: Highlight Sub-Topic Text All at Once
  • Reformat Slides tool to use new theme with slide’s original colors
  • Remove Embedded Chart Data tool to replace charts that have embedded data with pictures
  • Remove Unused Master Layouts tool to delete any master templates that are not used by any slides in the current presentation
  • Extract Selected Slides:
    • File name defaults to title of lowest indexed slide selected
    • Warning if the presentation has been changed since its last save
    • Extract Selected Slides & Email tool to attach extracted slides to an email
  • Ribbon changes:
    • Renamed the Align Edge tools to Stretch tools
    • Split the Tools group into a Shape Tools group and a Slide Tools group
    • Added the Font group from the Home tab
  • Opposite option for the Stretch tools to select which side of the reference shape will be used for the stretch operation: the same side as the side being stretched or the opposite side
  • Additional Statistics:
    • Master Layouts
    • Unused Master Layouts
  • Rewritten as a COM add-in for greater compatibility, including 64-bit editions of PowerPoint
  • New installer

ToolsToo V5.1.0

New features
  • Make Same Scale
  • New logo
Bug fixes
  • Relative to Presentation Space can now be used when editing master layouts

ToolsToo V5.0.0

New features
  • Single click center horizontally and vertically
  • Make Same Bevel
  • Make Same Animation
  • Animation Resequence with Staggered Animation option
  • Make Title
  • Calculation of the estimated presentation duration as part of slide statistics
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Windows Vista/7 issue where Microsoft Word was hidden in the background when invoking the User Guide or extracting notes
Changes in behavior
  • Agenda Copier now copies the current slide if it is an Agenda slide or the first Agenda slide otherwise

ToolsToo V4.5.0

  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Presentation Space
  • Line rotation
  • Statistics formatting

ToolsToo V4.4.0

  • Enhancements to the “Make Same Rotation” tool to compute real rotation of lines

ToolsToo V4.3.0

  • Enhancements to the “Copy Agenda Slide” feature:
    • Set Agenda Title
    • Improved detection of improper setup situations