ToolsToo V8.0.0

New Features
  • New ribbon layout with refreshed custom ribbon icons
  • Hide/Show shape tools
    • Hide All But Selected
    • Hide Selected
    • Show All
  • Word Count tool to count words, characters, and paragraphs in selected objects or text
  • Set Title tool to set the title for one or more slides
  • Edge to Edge option in the Replicate tool to specify whether to leave space between the Reference Shape edges and the replicated shapes
  • Select Same tools
    • Select Same Fill
    • Select Same Font Color
    • Select Same Font Name
    • Select Same Font Size
    • Select Same Line Color
    • Select Same Line Dashes
    • Select Same Line Weight
    • Select Same Shape
  • Make Same Table Format
  • Guide Tools – not available in PowerPoint 2010
    • Save/Restore Guides
    • Remove Guides
    • Remove All Guides
Changes in Behavior
  • The Copy Agenda Slide tool now uses the color of the first non-dimmed agenda text paragraph as the color for the highlighted topics. If no non-dimmed agenda text is found, it will use the default foreground color.
  • Due to the new ribbon layout, the shortcut keys for many of the tools were changed.
Infrastructure changes
  • .NET Framework V4.8
Bug Fixes
  • The Extract Selected Slides tools are now restricted to PowerPoint Presentation file types
  • Corrected exceptions in the Reformat Slides tool when reformatting more than 1 slide
  • The Make Same Table Column Width now handles placeholder shapes that contain tables

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