ToolsToo V7.0.0

New Features
  • Make Same Motion Path End – make the end point of the selected shapes’ first motion path the same as that of the reference shape
  • Reset Motion Path Start – reset motion path start point to center of selected shapes
  • Copy to Motion Path End – copy selected shapes that have a motion path to the motion path end point
  • Split Animation – split on-click animation sequences to multiple slides
Changes in Behavior
  • Swap Shapes tool now uses the center of each shape to set its position rather than the top left corner
Infrastructure Changes
  • .NET Framework V4.6.1
  • New installer
Bug Fixes
  • COM errors after Undo
    • Add to Group
    • Make Title
    • Remove Embedded Chart Data
  • COM error when processing SmartArt in Set Language tool
  • Error in Extract tool when no slides selected
  • Set Language tool now handles placeholder objects
  • Incorrect chart picture size set in Remove Embedded Chart Data

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