ToolsToo V7.1.0

New Features
  • Make Same Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – make the horizontal/vertical spacing (per the selected spacing mode) between the selected shapes the same as that between the reference shape and the first selected shape. There are four horizontal spacing modes and four vertical spacing modes.
  • Pick Up Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – pick up the horizontal/vertical spacing (non-overlapping mode only) between the reference shape and the first selected shape. The picked up spacing may be applied in any direction using the Adjoin tools with the Spacing option selected.
  • Apply picked up Spacing option in Adjoin tools – the picked up spacing may be applied in any direction.
  • Text Split Join – if one shape is selected, split each text paragraph to its own shape; if multiple shapes are selected, join all the text into the first shape and delete all the selected shapes except for the first.
  • Added labels (not displayed on the ribbon) to all tools for ease of reference when customizing the ribbon
  • Added documentation to the User Guide regarding automating ToolsToo so that multiple tools can be invoked in a single click
Changes in Behavior
  • The Replicate tool now replicates any number of shapes in a grid pattern within the reference shape
  • Default file names created by the Extract Slides tool are now adjusted so as to replace characters that are invalid in file names (<, >, :, ”, /, \, |, ?, *, line break)  with spaces and then trim any leading or trailing spaces
Infrastructure Changes
  • .NET Framework V4.7
Bug Fixes
  • The Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically tools now work within a group
  • The Remove Empty Sections tool now works in presentations with no slides
  • The alignment tools now yield the same results for rotated lines (not common) as for non-rotated lines with the same appearance
  • The shortcut for the Reset Motion Path Start tool was corrected to ALT-XPS (from ALT-XPE)
  • The shortcut for the Copy to Motion Path End tool was corrected to ALT-XPE (from ALT-XPS)

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