ToolsToo V8.0.0

New Features
  • New ribbon layout with refreshed custom ribbon icons
  • Hide/Show shape tools
    • Hide All But Selected
    • Hide Selected
    • Show All
  • Word Count tool to count words, characters, and paragraphs in selected objects or text
  • Set Title tool to set the title for one or more slides
  • Edge to Edge option in the Replicate tool to specify whether to leave space between the Reference Shape edges and the replicated shapes
  • Select Same tools
    • Select Same Fill
    • Select Same Font Color
    • Select Same Font Name
    • Select Same Font Size
    • Select Same Line Color
    • Select Same Line Dashes
    • Select Same Line Weight
    • Select Same Shape
  • Make Same Table Format
  • Guide Tools – not available in PowerPoint 2010
    • Save/Restore Guides
    • Remove Guides
    • Remove All Guides
Changes in Behavior
  • The Copy Agenda Slide tool now uses the color of the first non-dimmed agenda text paragraph as the color for the highlighted topics. If no non-dimmed agenda text is found, it will use the default foreground color.
  • Due to the new ribbon layout, the shortcut keys for many of the tools were changed.
Infrastructure changes
  • .NET Framework V4.8
Bug Fixes
  • The Extract Selected Slides tools are now restricted to PowerPoint Presentation file types
  • Corrected exceptions in the Reformat Slides tool when reformatting more than 1 slide
  • The Make Same Table Column Width now handles placeholder shapes that contain tables

ToolsToo V7.2.2

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected Custom UI Runtime Error caused by EnabledInVersion15 callback

ToolsToo V7.2.1

New Features
  • Page Break Between Notes toggle for the Extract Notes tool
Changes in Behavior
  • Shortcut key for Extract Notes has been changed from Alt+XLN to Alt+XLNE

ToolsToo V7.2.0

New Features
  • ToolsToo ribbon now has 3 UI modes (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)
  • Added icons to each ToolsToo ribbon group. These icons appear if the window is too narrow to display the group
  • Consolidate Layouts – consolidate all layouts with the same name (or the same name prefixed by a number and underscore) in all master layouts to the layout with that name in the current slide’s master layout
  • “Slides with Comments” counter added to Slide Statistics tool
Changes in Behavior
  • Shape added to master to represent the slide Reference Shape is now named “ToolsToo_Slide”
  • Shortcut key to access the User Guide has been changed from Alt+XU to Alt+XUG
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected positioning of “Slides with transition effects” in Slide Statistics
  • “Picked Up Shape no longer accessible” now exits rather than attempting to continue
  • Corrected positioning of shapes when using Make Same Horizontal Spacing or Make Same Vertical Spacing with Non-overlapping Spacing Mode with some shapes overlapping the Reference Shape

ToolsToo V7.1.0

New Features
  • Make Same Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – make the horizontal/vertical spacing (per the selected spacing mode) between the selected shapes the same as that between the reference shape and the first selected shape. There are four horizontal spacing modes and four vertical spacing modes.
  • Pick Up Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – pick up the horizontal/vertical spacing (non-overlapping mode only) between the reference shape and the first selected shape. The picked up spacing may be applied in any direction using the Adjoin tools with the Spacing option selected.
  • Apply picked up Spacing option in Adjoin tools – the picked up spacing may be applied in any direction.
  • Text Split Join – if one shape is selected, split each text paragraph to its own shape; if multiple shapes are selected, join all the text into the first shape and delete all the selected shapes except for the first.
  • Added labels (not displayed on the ribbon) to all tools for ease of reference when customizing the ribbon
  • Added documentation to the User Guide regarding automating ToolsToo so that multiple tools can be invoked in a single click
Changes in Behavior
  • The Replicate tool now replicates any number of shapes in a grid pattern within the reference shape
  • Default file names created by the Extract Slides tool are now adjusted so as to replace characters that are invalid in file names (<, >, :, ”, /, \, |, ?, *, line break)  with spaces and then trim any leading or trailing spaces
Infrastructure Changes
  • .NET Framework V4.7
Bug Fixes
  • The Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically tools now work within a group
  • The Remove Empty Sections tool now works in presentations with no slides
  • The alignment tools now yield the same results for rotated lines (not common) as for non-rotated lines with the same appearance
  • The shortcut for the Reset Motion Path Start tool was corrected to ALT-XPS (from ALT-XPE)
  • The shortcut for the Copy to Motion Path End tool was corrected to ALT-XPE (from ALT-XPS)

ToolsToo V7.0.0

New Features
  • Make Same Motion Path End – make the end point of the selected shapes’ first motion path the same as that of the reference shape
  • Reset Motion Path Start – reset motion path start point to center of selected shapes
  • Copy to Motion Path End – copy selected shapes that have a motion path to the motion path end point
  • Split Animation – split on-click animation sequences to multiple slides
Changes in Behavior
  • Swap Shapes tool now uses the center of each shape to set its position rather than the top left corner
Infrastructure Changes
  • .NET Framework V4.6.1
  • New installer
Bug Fixes
  • COM errors after Undo
    • Add to Group
    • Make Title
    • Remove Embedded Chart Data
  • COM error when processing SmartArt in Set Language tool
  • Error in Extract tool when no slides selected
  • Set Language tool now handles placeholder objects
  • Incorrect chart picture size set in Remove Embedded Chart Data

ToolsToo V6.2.0

New Features
  • Remove Unused Slide Masters and Layouts – remove all unused slide masters and unused slide layouts in current presentation
  • Remove Unused Slide Masters and Image Layouts – remove all unused slide masters and unused slide layouts with embedded images in current presentation
  • Make Same Table Column Widths – make the column widths of selected tables the same as those of the table selected as the reference shape
  • Set Language – set language for entire presentation from the default editing language
  • The following tools now support manipulation of shapes within groups:
    • Adjoin
    • Stretch
    • Align
    • Make Same
    • Order
    • Pick Up
    • Make Title
    • Make Line Horizontal/Vertical
    • Swap Shapes
    • Scale to 100%/Height/Width
  • Add to Group – groups the selected shapes while preserving the first selected shape’s animation and front-to-back sequencing
Bug Fixes
  • Tab order on all dialogs
  • Color selection for dimmed agenda text
  • Animation sequencing produced by the Animation Resequence tool

ToolsToo V6.1.0

New Features
  • Additional reference shape option: Slide
  • Replicate tool – replicates selected shape in a grid pattern within the reference shape
  • Make Same Adjustments tool – makes the adjustments of the selected shapes of the same type as the reference shape the same as those of the reference shape
  • Make Same Rounded Corner tool – makes the rounded corners of the selected shapes the same radius as those of the reference shape
  • Remove All Empty Sections tool – removes all empty sections in current presentation
  • Slide Statistics:
    • Audio clips and total duration
    • Video clips and total duration
    • Empty sections
Changes in Behavior
  • Extract Slides tool now deletes all empty sections

ToolsToo V6.0.0

New Features
  • Additional reference shape option: Picked Up Shape
  • Pick Up tool to set the Picked Up reference shape
  • Make Body tool to set next available object placeholder to the selected text or picture shape
  • Paste Thumbnail from Clipboard tool (not available in PowerPoint 2010)
  • Swap Shapes tool to rotate the positions of selected shapes
  • Scaling tools to ensure selected images are not distorted:
    • Scale to 100% – scales both the height and width to 100%
    • Scale to Height – scales the width the same as the height
    • Scale to Width – scales the height the same as the width
  • Agenda Copier: Highlight Sub-Topic Text All at Once
  • Reformat Slides tool to use new theme with slide’s original colors
  • Remove Embedded Chart Data tool to replace charts that have embedded data with pictures
  • Remove Unused Master Layouts tool to delete any master templates that are not used by any slides in the current presentation
  • Extract Selected Slides:
    • File name defaults to title of lowest indexed slide selected
    • Warning if the presentation has been changed since its last save
    • Extract Selected Slides & Email tool to attach extracted slides to an email
  • Ribbon changes:
    • Renamed the Align Edge tools to Stretch tools
    • Split the Tools group into a Shape Tools group and a Slide Tools group
    • Added the Font group from the Home tab
  • Opposite option for the Stretch tools to select which side of the reference shape will be used for the stretch operation: the same side as the side being stretched or the opposite side
  • Additional Statistics:
    • Master Layouts
    • Unused Master Layouts
  • Rewritten as a COM add-in for greater compatibility, including 64-bit editions of PowerPoint
  • New installer